As a man who has been part of the pro-feminist men’s movement for most of my adult life, I have addressed so called men’s rights movement people over and over. For the most part, I have found it to be a sad group of misguided men who are scared and hurting, and sometimes very dangerous. They also remind me that no matter how much work I’ve done challenging my own sexism, I must still be vigilant regarding my oppressive tendencies. It reminds me too, to thank the extraordinary women who have continued to teach me as we go on making this feminist revolution that our world so desperately needs.

The Belle Jar

I need to take a moment here to talk about the Men’s Rights Movement, because there seems to be some confusion. Actually, there seems to be a whole lot of confusion.

Over the past little while, I’ve had a number of people challenge me on calling out men’s rights activists (hereafter referred to as MRAs). “But men are oppressed too,” people say. “Feminism is sexist, and it teaches men that masculinity is wrong.” “Straight, white men aren’t allowed to be proud of themselves anymore.” “If you believe in equality, then you should want men to have the same type of activism as women.” “Everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

First of all, yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But let’s not pretend that all opinions are created equal – some are based on fact, and some are total bullshit. Like, I could tell you that I believe that vaccines…

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