I have so many thoughts on this, but I’m not ready yet to comment much. I really appreciate the earnestness and effort to sort this all out.
Just a quick note: I grew up in the lower end of the working class as a white male with almost no chance to attend college. I was mentored by a man of color with two masters degrees. I felt very far from upper middle class and rich white people.

Izzy In a Tizzy

I mentioned earlier that two weeks ago I went to an anti-racism training and my white privilege went unchecked for awhile. But ultimately I was able to (mostly) check it and I had a great experience that I am still processing and pondering and trying really, really hard to stay in this place of processing and ambiguity. Because I think an important truth is that learning is a process, not an end game. Wow that sounded cliche. But that’s how it’s felt for me and it’s felt great.

Since the training, I’ve been thinking a lot about how complex oppression is and how contextual and multifaceted oppression and privilege are. I’ve been doing some good old internet searches and the closest thing I’ve found to describe this complexity is kyriarchy. But even that doesn’t quite cut it for me. Not right now. Maybe I’ll feel differently in a…

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